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Treatment of menopause

if you are looking for a magic pill for treatment of menopause you might be wasting your time.

Just think about it: every body has unique composition including your own. Your night sweats, hot flash and mood swings are determined by the level of hormones in your individual body only. So it is not so effective to take a remedy for menopause designed for everyone. Sometimes, you might not only have hormone deficiency, but also need additional minerals and nutrients that often cause these imbalances.

Good news is that while there is no easy solutions for treatment of menopause, hormones replacement therapies have high rate of success with our patients as well as people all over the world for over 50 years.

Why you do not need to cope with your menopause symptoms anymore?

Natural hormone regulation therapies or bio identical hormone replacement therapies have over 20 years of positive data for over 100,000 of women as they replace traditional protocols of treatment of menopause.

We still take a very conservative approach in our treatments of menopause trying to make adjustments only when neccessary.

How can we help?

 Dr. Goldberg conducts a preliminary consultation to create an individually designed treatment plan that is optimized on every level.

  We use comprehensive testing to determine if a particular treatment of menopause plan is good for you:

  • Blood tests
  • Physical exam
  • Salivary testing
  • Complete medical history.

We use only bio identical hormones, the ones your body has known for years and of which it no longer makes enough. Dr. Goldberg works with the state of art Natural Pharmacy who prepares your medication.

We take the time to give your individual and detailed information about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

We continually monitor symptoms and blood levels to ensure that an optimal amount is being absorbed, depending on your particular metabolism.

We work with you on a monthly to bi-monthly basis until you are on a steady regimen, adjusting doses as your needs change with age.

We monitor the entire hormonal system, not just estrogen, and take into account how hormones affect one another when making adjustments.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are part of your treatment of menopause plan as they play crucial role in balancing your body.

Some patients may take support from bio identical hormones for several months or years and others may need very little. The length of time needed for treatment of menopause is an individual decision that can be made along with the doctor.

Some common questions:

Q: What is Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

A: Bio Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) therapy is also known as natural hormone replacement. Bio Identical hormones are recognized by the body as identical to its own natural hormones. They are metabolized, stored, and converted into other hormones naturally. These hormones are derived from plant sources and their chemical makeup of the replacement hormone is EXACTLY the same as what the body produces. While there are no easy solutions for menopause, but we think this is one of the safest ways to go for many people.

Q: What is the difference between natural hormones and synthetic?

A: The ideal natural substances for hormone replacement therapy are readily available.  These natural hormones are almost entirely without the side effects of the synthetic or semi synthetic HRT drugs used fortreatment of menopause.