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Eyebrow Microblading. Microblading vs Permanent Makeup

Beautiful, naturally looking eyebrows are always in style. They shape your face and make it more defined. people will notice and complment you but not necessarily know what’s going on. The trick is to find an expert who knows what she is doing.

Our specialists are true artists that use a manual tool rather than a tattoo machine. The tool consists of a blade and small needles. We deposit very fine strokes of pigment into your skin, which is very similar to your natural brow hairs. This process is known as microstroking. The manual tool doesn’t have the capacity to penetrate the skin as deeply as a tattoo machine. However, the penetration is deep enough to last for a long time.

When Do I need to Come to Renew the Microblading? How long Does it Last?

It varies from person to person, but in general, the microblading treatment can last up to three years. It depends on your skin type and skin care.  After the procedure is finished you should follow all the instructions precisely. If you don’t the results won’t be as good. We provide you with specific creams and ointments that aid the healing process.

How Painful is Microblading?

We use a numbing cream on the area which helps to minimize pain. You will feel scratching the skin during the microblading procedure. Doing both brows can take up to two hours. People who are pain intolerant should consider the length of the procedure before signing up for a microblading session.