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Botox or Why so Serious About the Laugh Lines?

A recent article in The New York Times about the negative effects of Botox by Dominique Browning entitled Mirror: The Case for Laugh Lines is not an exception.

Ironically, while I was reading the argument on the subject of manipulated appearances, I became distracted by same page ads promoting similar procedures. Apparently, Ms. Browning’s passionate manifesto about Botox’s impact on self image did not stop advertisers from promoting common cosmetic procedures.  The irony of the ad placements was difficult to overlook, as the article discussed how Botox could not only taint the self image, but wear on personal relationships as well.

In recent years, Botox has steadily become a more common term than we could anticipate.   Media and bloggers alike do not let go of the topic: people all over the country, from middle-agers to middle school students can all recognize the word “Botox.”  It seems that, like many fads and scandals prompted by one or two horror stories, this cosmetic procedure obtained a stigma that it does not necessarily deserve.

Do the physicians really Freeze Smiles with Botox?

Although a common misconception, Botox does not have to result in “frozen” features. It is very often that the patients approach me in hopes of receiving a solution to aid the vertical lines that seem engraved in their foreheads.  For good or bad but our faces reflect the years of the emotional overdose.  In my practice male patients are in general are more accepting of the signs of aging on their faces and they are less critical of their appearances. On the opposite, many women are more sensitive to revealing signs of time.

The amount of bad press related to the Botox procedures is astounding for the amount of positive results and happy patients.   Following the treatment, my patients are consistently satisfied with the outcome of this procedure, as they feel it has been administered seamlessly.

The Importance of the Right Dosage.

Many who have experienced Botox injections agree that your physician becomes not only a medical practitioner, but he is also actively participating in the fine art of medicine. Responsible physicians and practices alike will manage patient’s expectations with this treatment.  The goal of Botox is to enhance the natural look of patients as opposed to altering someone’s face.  Like any other cosmetic procedures or surgeries, it is also important that patients examine their expectations.

The Importance of being Realistic.

While Botox is certainly not the demonic force that many modern authors and opinion columnists project, it is important that expectations of its results remain realistic.  Although there may not be a magic change of your appearance, it has consistently provided many benefits, some of them listed below:

  •     Make you appear relaxed and refreshed
  •     Reduce visible tension in your face
  •     Temporary minimize lines and wrinkles

Many baby boomers will look and feel younger than we ever hoped for.

As our world continues to revolve with the onset of technology in every field, including medicine, we should embrace this century’s opportunities when it comes to successful aging.

Luckily for baby boomers, medical technology is making Gulliver strides as we speak.

Despite the poor press releases that are clad with horror stories of cosmetic surgery gone awry, one thing is certain: time does not stand still for anyone.  Medical technology is consistently advancing, and among these advancements is the weaponry to win the war on aging- or at least delay the process.  It is likely that in the near future we will witness both improved and more affordable technology and more at home treatments.  It is not about freezing smiles any more.  Medical technology is here to improve the lives of individuals- in not only preventing world sickness and disease, but enhancing self image and allowing people look and feel their best.

Stay tuned! In my next issue I will discuss the latest laser debate: pros and cons for immediate wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.

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