Featured Procedure: IPL for Age Spots Removal

With spring so close, IPL procedures for age spots removal are really important. Obviously, with the sun being more active you will have more sun spots but you do not want to carry them along from last year.

If you have dak spots and age spots please ask Dr. Goldberg  about this procedure or read more here.

Check out almost great HCG diet recipes

We are excited for our patients that started HCG diet last month and lost 20 pounds!

Congratulations! This keeps us inspired as we are pulling more and more recipes, sorting through our resources and speaking with you, guys almost every day. We are so proud of you. 

Click here to find more recipes. Keep it up!

Everybody is Getting Older, right?

Our mission is to trick the clock with Age Management Medicine.

We specialize in Age Management Medicine which is focused on regaining and maintaining optimal health, vitality and better quality of life. Improving your metabolic function and optimizing hormones like testosterone, HGH, DHEA and others, can give you a better opportunity for a healthy and more fulfilled life.

Our goal is to help you to become more disease resistant, mentally and emotionally sharp, and physically fit. Even though it is still problematic if Anti Aging Medicine can reverse aging, or extend longevity, however our hormone replacement treatments are able to address age related physical, mental and sexual problems and enhance your quality of life.  We realize that in today's world, your appearance is important for your self esteem and confidence.  Our aesthetic procedures are focused on creating optimum balance between your physical and aesthetic forms. We hope that you will find this web site helpful and informative so that you could continue an open conversation with us about your health and wellness concerns.


Dr. Alexander Goldberg, MD